Focusing on urology and urogynaecology

SEP’s mission is to become a leading pan European urology and urogynaecology focused specialty pharmaceutical business.

The urology/urogynaecology market is highly specialist driven and our focus is on developing an attractive portfolio of products owned by the Company, such as Bulkamid and Mitem, as well as being a partner of choice for others looking to maximize the European sales of their products.

We are seeking urological and/or urogynaecological products (drugs, devices or diagnostics), that are in phase III, registration or in-market.

Our expertise

Our team is experienced in bringing products through to the European market. We have direct experience in all aspects required to drive a successful specialty pharmaceutical business:

  • dealing with the European regulators to gain the appropriate marketing authorisations and approvals
  • developing attractive, pan-European pricing strategies
  • negotiating products through differing reimbursement processes
  • successful multi-country product launches
  • managing production, packaging and distribution partners
  • managing local commercial partners in out-licensed territories
  • acquisition of attractive late stage products

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