Soft volume filler

Aquamid is a soft volume filler that immediately gives a beautifully natural look and feel. Aquamid is used to rejuvenate and contour the face, either by restoring lost volume or by adding extra volume where desired.

The aesthetic indications for the face include: smoothing nasolabial folds, enhancing cheekbones, augmenting lips, smoothing mentolabial folds, enhancing the chin to create a stronger profile and enhancing the bridge of the nose to create better definition.

Aquamid is a biocompatible and non-absorbable hydrogel consisting of 97.5% water and 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide.

The hydrogel exchanges water with the surrounding tissue, preventing biofilm formation. It becomes fully integrated with the tissue, and because it is particle-free, its augmenting effect is due solely to the injected volume.

Aquamid does not degrade over time and the aesthetic results will remain for years. The efficacy and safety of Aquamid have been documented in a number of international clinical studies involving more than 5,000 patients. Many of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

These studies include a five-year prospective multi-center clinical trial conducted in Europe. Data from this trial indicates high levels of satisfaction among patients and physicians. Aquamid meets all the health and safety requirements of the European Medical Devices directive 93/42/EEC, having been granted the CE-marking in 2001 for use in facial augmentation.

Aquamid Reconstruction has a similar composition to Aquamid but higher viscosity, making it particularly suitable for augmentations requiring larger volumes, such as the treatment of lipoatrophy.

To date, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic physicians have performed more than 500,000 Aquamid injections. Aquamid is available through a network of distributors covering 40 countries.

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