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Founded in 2006

SEP was founded in April 2006 with a mission to become a leading player in the expanding European speciality pharmaceutical market.

Since its formation, SEP has largely focused upon products aimed at the urology or urogynaecology markets, primarily in Europe. SEP seeks to acquire, license or distribute pharmaceutical products, medical devices or diagnostics aimed at its target markets. Such products are sold throughout Europe by SEP’s dedicated sales force. Where SEP retains rights to products outside Europe it seeks to establish distribution relationships with expert partners for such territories.

Growing rapidly

SEP acquired its first two products within one month of each other in January 2007. One of these products, Haemopressin, was a treatment for acute variceal bleeding, a complication of liver disease. The other, Plenaxis, was a GnRH antagonist for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Upon the launch of Plenaxis in Germany in February 2008, the Company made the strategic decision to focus its future activities upon the urology and urogynaecology markets. In consequence of this decision, SEP divested its Haemopressin business in April 2008. Rights to the product were however retained in France and Italy, where the product continued to be sold under tender until the summer of 2014.

In May 2009, SEP concluded an agreement giving it distribution rights in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for Regurin XL/Regurin BD, respectively once daily and twice daily treatments for overactive bladder. The Company took over distribution of Regurin BD in July 2009, and in September 2009 Regurin XL was launched onto the UK market.

Regurin XL is rapidly becoming treatment of choice among many doctors due to its impressive clinical results. With favourable guidance from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence in the UK issued in September 2013, Regurin XL is now set for rapid growth.

In April 2013, SEP acquired the Danish company, Contura. Contura was a company focused upon the development of soft tissue fillers. At the time of its acquisition, Contura had two products on the market: Aquamid a soft tissue filler for use in cosmetic surgery; and Bulkamid a bulking agent for the treatment of urinary stress incontinence. All sales of Contura products were through distributors.

Since acquiring Contura, SEP has taken back the worldwide distribution rights to Bulkamid and with effect from August 2013 SEP has commenced distribution of the product. Distribution of Aquamid remains in the hands of local distributors.

SEP owns or has rights to distribute six pharmaceutical products or medical devices. Of these, five are aimed at its target market.

Six-fold increase in revenue

Since mid-2010, SEP has seen a near doubling in its number of employees throughout Europe and a near six-fold increase in revenues. The Company now has an active sales presence in more than 75 per cent of the EU market.

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